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Our Mission at Iron Tactical Defense is to teach you real-world tactics surrounding defensive techniques and to improve accuracy with a firearm. These applications are brought to use from real-life scenarios that our instructors have learned and applied throughout their careers in law enforcement and tactical operations. 



The objective of teaching you defensive tactics and proper deployment of your firearm is to make you well equipped to be your own first responder. Throughout your training with Iron Tactical Defense (I.T.D), you will learn tools as civilians, law enforcement, and or military to survive chaotic events in an urban environment.


This can be from the basic operations of how to survive in an active shooter situation, home invasion, and/or a street attacker. Our training will also improve your ability to improvise, problem solve, and adapt to new defensive or tactical methods to make sure you return home safely. With I.T.D we understand the need for new shooters to be trained with the proper fundamentals as it pertains to gun safety, deployment, and increasing accuracy. Whether you are seeking to just learn the basics, advance training, or get your (LTC) License to Carry, Iron Tactical Defense can provide.



Contact us today and one of our training instructors will be in touch with you to answer your questions. 

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